We’ll keep your yard, garden, and property free of yard debris.


Cleveland, OH might be a big city, but there’s more to our area than the “concrete jungle”. In fact, many of our community’s properties, be they residential or commercial, have lush lawns and landscapes to keep up with.

Everyone loves well-trimmed grass and trees, but no one likes yard waste, so if you’re dealing with unwanted debris in your part of the outdoors, be sure to contact your local junk removal business, Fly By Junk Haulers.

With our yard debris removal services, you’ll be able to ditch the unwanted waste without having to pick it all up for yourself.


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  4. Responsible Disposal
    We sort and determine the most economically
    responsible way to dispose of your items


Do you really want to dedicate your entire day to cleaning up leaves, sticks, brush, and other yard waste items? You’ve got other things to do, so be sure to give us a call, and we’ll clean up your landscape for you.

Our professional team is experienced with the removal of all yard debris. We’ll even bring along tools like gardening shears and shovels so we can chop through unwanted plants and dig up tree stumps. Whatever you need to get rid of will wind up in the back of our truck in no time.

We use a volume-based cost structure, meaning what you’ll owe us is based on how much truck space your waste uses up. Because of this, expect a fair final price no matter how much you have for us to take. Remember—we’re a local business near you, and since we don’t have to pay franchise fees, you get more affordable rates every time.



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Discounts are available to military members and 1st responders

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

After your visit is over, we recycle and donate as many things as we can, since we care about the environment.
You can rest knowing that your old belongings can find a new home rather of ending up in the trash!